martes, septiembre 28, 2004


Encontré esto en The New York Times y está simpático, es de un editorialista que se llama Lee Kacheim.

The Latest Poll
    • 52% of people with wall-to-wall carpeting dislike Mr. Bush's plan for redecorating Iraq.
    • 100% of Spanish-American War veterans are dead.
    • 98% of World War I veterans can't remember the name of either candidate. Both prefer Coolidge.
    • One-half of all Jewish mothers like one-half of Mr. Kerry.
    • 71% of divorced women say George Bush would be an ideal ex-husband.
    • 43% of women think Mr. Bush has more presidential hair. 26% think John Edwards has more vice presidential hair. 47 % think Mr. Edwards has more presidential hair and 26% think Mr. Kerry has more vice presidential hair. 92% think Dick Cheney has no hair. 73% think Mr. Bush's hair is irrelevant. 54% think Mr. Bush is irrelevant.
    • 76% of women think Teresa Heinz Kerry colors her hair. 53% of those women would prefer a different color. 42% would prefer a different first lady.
    • 63% of single women over 50 think John Kerry is too tall for his own good.
    • 50% of the electorate think that polls are misleading, inaccurate and inconclusive. The other 50% agree 30% of the time with 40% of the results.

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